Camberwell Arts Festival 2016


This year’s Camberwell Arts festival begins on Saturday 10th June and we’re getting involved in a big way! Opening for business inside our Camberwell branch this Sunday is Mr. Cowling’s Colour Factory, which will be running for the duration of the festival between 10am and 5pm each day. Bring along an old item of clothing or a cotton bag and breathe new life into it using our special spray painting booth. Great fun for kids of all ages!

On Saturday 10th June we’ll be hosting a colouring workshop on our stall at the Camberwell Arts Market at Datchelor Place (SE5). Join us for all manner of fun activities and try out some of our exciting new products whilst you’re at it. Fingers crossed for lots of sunshine!

To find out more about the Camberwell Arts festival you can download the brochure here. You can find us in Camberwell just behind the Post Office on Orpheus Street. Come and get involved and help us make a splash!


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