Get Busy With Brusho

We love Brusho! It’s a brilliant, unique and highly-concentrated watercolour powder that produces wonderful bursts of colour. Each powder is water-based and completely non-toxic. It’s so safe that it’s often used by schools to create large quantities of watercolour paint! There’s nothing quite like Brusho in the world.  It has completely unique qualities that allow you to create loose, impressionistic … More Get Busy With Brusho

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Take a look at some of these short videos we’ve collated for some helpful hint and tips for wrapping up your Christmas presents! How To Wrap A Gift Video: Our Tip: Don’t worry too much about cutting in a perfectly straight line. Just add an additional few centimetres to the length you need and then fold over your edges. This will … More Gift Wrapping Ideas

Why We Love Schmincke

In 1881 two German chemists, Hermann Schmincke and Josef Horadam, founded the company H. Schmincke & Co. They are renowned for their continued use of traditional family recipes of the finest natural resin-oil-colours, as well as for their passion and quality of their products. Today the company is operated by the fourth generation of the … More Why We Love Schmincke

Get Festive With Fimo

Why not make it personal this year and make your own Christmas models with the Fimo modelling clay range, perfect for budding crafters of all ages! Fimo is high-quality polymer clay made by Staedtler, and is used for making many different things including jewellery, accessories, small trinkets and much more. Your imagination is the limit. … More Get Festive With Fimo

Sketching & Drawing: Choosing The Right Tools

Sketching Pencils The standard pencil grading scale is the HB scale, which is used by most pencil manufacturers in the industry. The letter ‘H’ indicates a hard pencil and the letter ‘B’ indicates the blackness of the pencil’s mark.  The letter ‘F’ is also used to indicate that the pencil sharpens to a fine point. There … More Sketching & Drawing: Choosing The Right Tools

Paint Buying Guide

Choosing the right paint for the right project is the first and most important aspect of creating a quality piece of art work. The main four types of paint are Acrylic, Watercolour, Oil and Gouache, and each one is designed to give the artist a very different finish for each piece of work. Understanding the … More Paint Buying Guide